Lighting & Electrical Wholesaler

The practice of wholesale buying and selling is more complicated than indicated above because there are many other factors involved in the buying, selling, and distribution of products, such as:

Business partners

The product supply chain between wholesalers and manufacturers can vary depending on the types of businesses they want to work with. They may choose to deal only with businesses that are able to buy particular volumes of merchandise or sign contracts to supply goods for definite periods of time.

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Import availability

Some of the most affordable products for retail sales come from wholesalers in other countries, and importing may be your best option for getting the products you want to sell.

Product distribution

Another factor is how products are distributed. Wholesalers don't just sell products they receive to the next retailer. Some wholesalers break products down into smaller units, which are then sold to different retailers. Other times, they assemble goods as part of the wholesaling process.

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