Rentech Lithium Rack Battery 48V 5.1KW

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Lithium-ion batteries are lighter and more compact than lead acid batteries. They also have a higher DoD and longer lifespan when compared with lead-acid batteries. Although lithium-ion batteries are more expensive than their lead-acid counterparts; it offers lower life cycle and energy costs over the long run.

Rentech provides Lithium-ion batteries with proven Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4) chemical composition and the range includes both 24V and 48V batteries; up to 7.68kWh. These batteries are designed for rack installation; and each battery has an integrated Battery Management System to provide high reliability and safety and for parallel installation of up to 15 batteries. These batteries have a long lifespan of 6 000 cycles at 80% DoD at 25°C and =0.3C charge/discharge rate. This product has a 5 year warranty with a 10-year warranty option.

Warranty 3500 cycles to 80% DOD.
Refer to AutoX BAK warranty document for remaining 80% capacity after 5 years.

The expected cycle life for these batteries when installed; operated and maintained as per the manual(s) are as
• At =25°C and =0.3C charge/discharge current:
o =60% DOD; 7000 cycles
o =80% DOD; 6000 cycles
o =90% DOD; 5000 cycles
• At =45°C and =0.3C charge/discharge current:
o =60% DOD; 5000 cycles
o =80% DOD; 4000 cycles
o =90% DOD; 3000 cycles

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