Find a wide range of Electrical Enclosures & Boxes for sale at Brite. We offer everything from PVC and Fibreglass Enclosures to Steel Enclosures, Wall & Extension Boxes, Slab Boxes and so much more! View our stock range. Available in-store and online. Nationwide delivery.

2 Hole Empty Conbtrol Station
R 109.95
4 Mod Eaves Box (Budgie Box) Beige
R 349.95
4 Mod Eaves Box (Budgie Box) Grey
R 349.95
4X4 Pvc Weatherproof Utility Box (57mm)
R 44.95
DMC Plastic Enclosure for Energizer
R 849.95
Fibreglass Isolator Enclosure
R 99.95
Galvanised City Meter Box JHB ME1
R 1,549.95
Galvanised City Meter Box JHB ME3
R 2,799.95
Galvanised Flush Wall Box 2X4
R 6.95
Galvanised Flush Wall Box 4X4
R 7.95
Galvanised Steel Slab Box - 450X500
R 79.95
Galvanised Steel Slab Box - 500X550
R 69.95
Galvanised Steel Slab Box - 600X650
R 97.00
Galvanised Wall Box 2X4 Open Back
R 16.95
Galvanised Wall Box 4X4 Open Back
R 25.95
General Enclosure UB4 315 x 185 x 120mm
R 349.95
General Enclosure UB7 305 x 305 x 155mm
R 424.95
General Enclosure UT10 410 x 410 x 165mm
R 1,179.95