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1.25mm-16mm² Crimping Tool
R 422.95
10 Piece Snap Off Blade
R 24.95
1000A AC/DC Clamp Meter with Bluetoooth
R 5,279.95
12 Piece Total Drill Bit Set; 2-8mm
R 79.95
13 Piece Electrical Tool Kit
R 1,299.95
140mm Neon Screwdriver
R 36.95
14X250MM Chisel SDS Drill Bit - Pointed
R 39.95
14X250X20MM Chisel SDS Drill Bit - Flat
R 39.95
155mm Diagonal Cutting Pliers
R 219.95
15g Pencil Drier - Side Entry
R 12.95
16 Piece Hellerman Electrical Tool Kit
R 2,699.95
165mm Diagonal Cutting Plier
R 259.95
165mm Electricians Plier
R 239.95
165mm Long Nose Pliers
R 219.95
170mm Long Nose Plier
R 239.95
19 Piece Total Drill Bit Set; 2-10mm
R 189.95
190mm Neon Screwdriver
R 39.95
2 Piece 30A Insulated Croc Clips - Med
R 20.95