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20 years of excellence

Decades of Excellence - Passed Down Through Generations, Rooted in Trusted Expertise.

About Us

Rooted in the heart of East Rand, Brite Lighting & Electrical isn't just an electrical wholesaler; it's a family legacy built on a passion for illuminating lives. Since our inception in 2003, our family-owned business has been a beacon in the industry, specialising in a wide spectrum of lighting and electrical equipment – from LED bulbs to industrial sockets and armored cable, meeting diverse needs with excellence.

Our commitment extends beyond products; it encompasses a belief in fostering relationships. At Brite Lighting & Electrical, each customer is an integral part of our extended family. We strive to ensure every interaction is marked by a personal touch, where you're not just a client but a cherished member of our community, adorned with the VIP tag that symbolises belonging to the Brite family with every purchase.

Beyond our expansive product range and globally recognised brands, our core values remain unwavering. We stand firmly on the pillars of personalized customer service and satisfaction, deeply embedded within our family culture.

Our promise is simple: to deliver on our commitments and exceed expectations. If you can't find what you need on our website, rest assured. Reach out, and through our vast network of suppliers will swiftly source your desired items, ensuring delivery within 2-3 days.

As seasoned electrical wholesalers, we are more than just a supplier; we're here to build lasting relationships. Our aim is to understand your needs and provide a consistent supply chain of electrical and lighting products at competitive prices, precisely when you need them. Whether it's a bulk order or a light bulb, don't hesitate and give us a call on 011 973 3915/6 or email at

Join the Brite family and discover a distinctive blend of professionalism and heartfelt care for yourself.

Blog posts

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    June 24, 2024 Brite Lighting & Electrical

    How to Choose the Right DB Board for Your Home or Business

    Choosing the right Distribution Board (DB board) for your home or business is crucial for ensuring electrical safety and efficiency. A DB board, also known as an electrical panel, circuit breaker box, or consumer unit, is a key component in...

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  • Safety Tips for Using Multiplugs
    April 26, 2024 Brite Lighting & Electrical

    Safety Tips for Using Multiplugs

    Multiplugs, also known as power strips or extension cords, are incredibly useful devices that allow us to power multiple electronic devices from a single outlet. However, if not used correctly, multiplugs can pose serious safety risks, including overloading and fire hazards.
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