At Brite Lighting & Electrical, we are passionate about everything to do with lighting. If you are wondering what the current indoor lighting trends are for this year, you’ve come to the right place! 

In this article, we’ll discuss 10 indoor lighting trends for 2022 that you don’t want to miss - let’s take a look!  

1. Wood Beaded Chandeliers

Wood Beaded Chandelier | Brite Lighting & Electrical

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Unexpected matches combine old-world design elements with a modern take, like wood beaded chandeliers, creating a unique contrast between classic and modern indoor lighting design.

2022’s indoor lighting trends are anything but boring, and combining various elements with a classic design is incredibly trendy at the moment. 

Chandeliers are an excellent example of this as the latest designs involve combining components, such as wooden beads in place of crystals to provide a stylish contrast with the rest of the chandelier. 

The result is a classic and traditional indoor lighting piece with a modern twist, making it the perfect centrepiece for your hallway or living room. 

Here at Brite Lighting & Electrical, we have a stunning range of chandeliers, whatever your taste! 

2. Sleek Pendant Lights

Sleek Pendant Light | Brite Lighting & Electrical

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Linear indoor lighting is more along the lines of minimalistic design complimenting rectangular or square-shaped tables, workbenches or beds with single drop-down sleek pendant lights symmetrically placed.

Minimalism has become increasingly popular over the past few years and this trend has now extended into indoor lighting in a big way. 

Instead of fussy, intricate and overly-designed lighting, we are now enjoying sleek, elegant and plain pieces which are anything but ordinary. 

You might want to introduce one of Brite Lighting’s elegant drop-down pendant lights into your bedroom, dining room or living room to complement your current minimalist furniture. 

Linear indoor lighting is a wonderful choice if you enjoy a fuss-free home decor design with items that go with everything else you have. 

3. Modern Industrial Lighting

Modern Industrial Lighting | Brite Lighting & Electrical

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Modern finishing of indoor lighting designs with industrial look metal components, as well as using a selection of bulbs with spiral, flame tips or different colours, add an element of fun and flexibility to any room.

If minimalism is a bit too sparse for you, don’t worry! Another highly popular indoor lighting trend at the moment is incorporating an industrial design into bulbs, light fittings, and covers. 

A quick browse through Brite Lighting’s extensive range of globes will reveal that you can buy one in any shape or size. 

An example is our spiral and flame-tipped bulbs available in various colours which can give your home that extra something and “je ne sais quoi” to wow your guests. 

4. The Classic Chandelier Returns

The Classic Chandelier Returns | Brite Lighting & Electrical

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For the centre of attention in an entrance hall or lounge area, a modern, flashy take on a classic chandelier creates a dramatic effect and beats the infamous flush-mounted ceiling lights.

When newly built, most homes come with the standard flush-mounted ceiling lights. While there is nothing wrong with these, and while they are incredibly functional, they do little to enhance your home’s interior decor. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your current, boring ceiling lights, and you don’t want to spend a fortune, look no further than Brite Lighting’s range of beautiful statement light fixtures. 

Our modern chandeliers are unlike the over-the-top old-fashioned ones and are easier to maintain. Combining state-of-the-art lighting design, and modernity, they make an excellent first impression on anyone entering your home. 

5. Gentle Lighting

Gentle Lighting | Brite Lighting & Electrical

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As much as statement pieces are fighting for attention indoors, subtle and gentle lighting is there to balance out the space by creating light, open and airy rooms.

Statement lighting can enhance the look of any room but if you want to create a romantic ambience in your indoor living space, you may want to consider the next popular lighting trend of subtle and gentle lighting. 

Soft lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere and does a great deal to help balance out your interior’s space, making it an enjoyable space in which to unwind. 

6. Room Specific Lighting

Room Specific Lighting | Brite Lighting & Electrical

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Room specific indoor lighting allows the flexibility to explore different design styles for each room vs one theme throughout.

If you can’t decide on one specific indoor lighting trend, don’t worry! A popular lighting movement at the moment is to incorporate a different theme into each room in the home. 

This gives you the flexibility and creativity to explore various themes so that your home is the opposite of boring. 

Need some inspiration? Take a look at Brite Lighting’s range of stylish lighting options which allow you to pick and choose from plenty of modern lighting trends.

7. Bringing The Outdoors Inside

Bringing The Outdoors Inside | Brite Lighting & Electrical

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Bringing the outside indoors seems to be a high priority and the use of natural fabrics, textures and components with neutral tones reflect the serenity everyone is seeking.

One of the most popular indoor lighting trends for 2022 is bringing the outdoors right into your home. Designers understand that nature has a calming effect on people and have done their best to create an outdoorsy feel to some indoor lighting lines. 

Examples include using natural fibres, materials and colours to create a peaceful and serene look in your home. 

8. The Layering Trend

The Layering Trend | Brite Lighting & Electrical

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The layering trend with indoor lighting allows the combined use of different design elements from recessed lighting to accent lamps with dimmer switches all in the same room.

When browsing Brite Lighting’s exquisite range of lighting, you’ll notice that there is plenty to choose from. Many of our customers fall in love with multiple looks and have difficulty deciding on a specific product. 

However, the good news is that a lighting trend in 2022 is to use a wide range of design elements. This means that you can use the recessed lighting you’ve been wanting, the pretty accent lamps you’ve had your eye on, as well as the dimmer switches that you’ve been meaning to buy and be on-trend! 

9. Lighting As Art

Lighting As Art | Brite Lighting & Electrical

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Lighting as art is being explored through bold designs, the use of colour and sculptural shapes and textures on the table and floor lamps, and wall and ceiling lights.

2022 has proven that indoor lighting is not only functional and beautiful but can also be a work of art! 

Take a look at Brite Lighting’s artistic lighting options, and you’ll understand that the use of structural shapes, interesting textures, and creative shapes can make your indoor lighting look like art. 

10. Indoor Ceiling Lighting

Indoor Ceiling Lighting | Brite Lighting & Electrical

Photo Credit: By bluesboyrules on Pixabay

It seems that there is a focus on indoor ceiling lighting as the focal point and a starting point for any room design.

Is your living or dining room looking tired and worn, and are you seeking a new and modern design for it but you don’t know what it should be? 

If so, you might consider selecting an attractive ceiling light, and then basing your interior design strategy around that. 

There is a huge range at Brite Lighting and Electrical Wholesalers to choose from. Shop at our store in Benoni, Gauteng or shop online at your convenience.