By now, load shedding for most South Africans is a way of life and most of us have found ways to cope with it. 

Just because there is no main supply of electricity, doesn’t mean that you can’t make another plan. 

When the lights go out, there are some excellent backup power solutions that you can use to keep your household running. 

Here at Brite Lighting & Electrical, we have some great backup power solutions for you to consider:

  • Inverter with Gel Batteries or Lithium-Ion Batteries

If you’re looking for a better alternative to a noisy generator during load shedding, consider an inverter with batteries

Inverters convert direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity, and this allows you to use any alternating current device or appliance when there is no power. 

Inverters can be purchased with batteries (which can be gel batteries or lithium-ion batteries) to provide power and these batteries can be recharged either when the power is back on or by using a battery charger. They are much quieter than generators, which require either diesel or petrol to operate. As generators require fuel to run, an inverter with batteries as a backup power solution can be much more cost-effective than using a generator.

Smaller inverters allow you to plug in a few essential devices or appliances, such as your WiFi router, fridge and TV or any other small appliance. However larger inverters with a larger battery backup power supply will enable you to operate your full house or office when load shedding occurs.

Want to prepare for the next bout of load shedding? Get yourself an inverter with batteries from Brite Lighting & Electrical! We have a wide range of well-priced inverters and inverters with battery combos and can deliver directly to your home. 

Take a look at our Inverters & Batteries range.

Inverter with Gel Batteries or Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Emergency Lights & Rechargeables

Smaller inverters can only handle a few essential devices or appliances. If you find that you need your inverter for more than it can handle, you may want to consider a hybrid solution using rechargeable emergency bulbs and lights, along with your inverter and battery backup power supply. 

These can free up valuable energy resources on your inverter and battery backup and can provide some much-needed light when there is no electricity. 

Brite Lighting & Electrical stocks a wide range of rechargeable emergency bulbs and lights.

Emergency Lights & Rechargeables

Our range includes:

  • Emergency LED Bulbs
  • Rechargeable LED Lanterns
  • Rechargeable Work Lights
  • Rechargeable Torches
  • Rechargeable Emergency Lights

Browse our selection and choose the best solution for your home or office. 

Rechargeable and emergency lights can also be used independently from any other backup power supply. They are largely cost-effective, last for extended periods of time and provide huge convenience with unsuspected power outages.


  • Solar Lights

Solar lights are a very inexpensive way to have lighting when there is no power. This type of lighting is also largely cost-effective and extremely convenient.

Solar-powered lights obtain their power from sunlight (of which there is a great deal in South Africa) and don’t need another power source to recharge. When it becomes dark, solar lights mostly automatically illuminate, giving you convenient lighting. 

Check out Brite Lighting & Electrical’s range of solar lights.


Our range includes: 

  • Solar Flood Lights with sensors
  • Solar Security Lights with sensors
  • Solar Street Lights
  • LED Solar Rechargeable Lights
  • Solar String Lights
  • Solar Garden Lights
  • Solar Wall Lights & Emergency Solar Wall Lights
  • Solar Spot Lights
  • Solar Portable Work Lights

Browse our extensive range and choose the best solution for your home or office. 

Over and above inverters and battery backup power solutions, rechargeable lights and solar lights, one can convert their living or workspace completely off-grid.

Solar Lights
  • Off the Grid Solar Systems

With power supply becoming increasingly unreliable in South Africa, many South Africans are considering going off the grid so that they don’t have to experience frequent load shedding and blackouts. 

Here at Brite Lighting & Electrical, we stock solar panels and accessories, as well as change over switches.

Whether you want to take your entire home off the grid or only certain devices or appliances, solar power is definitely the way to go. Although a solar system can be costly to install, the long-term savings on electricity bills far outweigh the initial solar system investment. Solar power is also hugely convenient and we live in a country with ample sunlight, even in our colder winter months.

Our solar panels & accessories range includes:

  • 2P Changeover Switches
  • 4P Changeover Switches
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Connectors
  • Solar Brackets for Trunking
  • Solar Cables
  • Powersnap Clips for mounting
  • Powersnap Solar Panel Railing

Invest in a solar system today and shop the items you need at Brite Lighting & Electrical wholesalers.

Off the Grid Solar Systems

So what is the best backup power solution for a home or office? 

If you were wondering which backup power solution was best for your home or office we have some great recommendations for you. 

If you live in a small home or apartment, a small inverter with battery backup and/or rechargeable lights could be the perfect solution for you. The inverter and battery backup will run small appliances like your TV, Laptop or Wifi router. Rechargeable lights will lighten up the space you are using, without drawing extra power from your backup power solution.

Larger households with many inhabitants would do better with a larger capacity inverter, a lithium battery backup and some solar-powered lights. The larger inverter and battery backup will run more appliances at once and even internal lighting, while your solar-powered lights can illuminate your space or provide outdoor lighting without drawing power from your backup power solution. 

You might also want to consider a solar backup system for your home or office so that you can continue to run your appliances, like your fridges and freezers during load shedding. 

For more information on our effective backup power systems, click here:

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