The festive season is just around the corner and all South Africans deserve a celebration after a tough year. 

If you are looking for some innovative decorating ideas for the upcoming festive season, you’ve come to the right place!

Brite Lighting sells a wide range of decorative lighting; from table lamps, pendant lights, LED lights, to lighting accessories. 

Come and visit our Benoni store. We have a modern, spacious and Covid-safe store with plenty of friendly sales assistants who are always there if you have any questions. 

If you are not based in Gauteng, no problem! You can shop in our convenient, online store for all your lighting needs. Simply visit Brite’s online store and check out our wide range of lighting products. 

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In the meantime, below are some top recommendations for decorating this coming festive season: 

  • Liven up your space with LED strip lights 

A great way to decorate your living space is with some attractive LED strip lights. 

Here at Brite Lighting & Electrical, we sell a broad range of LED strip lights in a range of beautiful colours.

We have LED strip lights available in green, red, blue, daylight, neon green, neon red, and neon blue, and multicolour.

They can be conveniently plugged into your electrical supply and don’t use much energy at all. 

Looking for some inspiration for high-quality yet reasonably priced LED lights? 

Take a look at Brite Lighting & Electrical’s range.


  • String lights create a beautiful and romantic setting at night

String lights are another beautiful and romantic lighting option. Not only can they be used over the festive season, but all year long if you like! 

Here at Brite Lighting & Electrical, we have a unique and creative range of string lights.

We have ones in various shapes and sizes, such as filament bulbs, dragonflies and vintage outdoor filament globes are just a few examples. 

Browse our selection of string lights.


  • How do I decorate with LED and string lights? 

If you were wondering how you can decorate with LED and string lights, there are countless options available! 

Below are just a few examples to use: 

  • Winding around the bannisters of your staircase. If you have stairs in your home, why not brighten up this otherwise dull space? Simply wind your LED or string lights around the bannisters and make your staircase a beautiful feature. Using string lights around your stairs can also double up as a gentle night light. If you often need to go downstairs during the night, instead of switching an overhead light on, your string lights can provide light that doesn’t hurt your eyes.
  • Decorating your balcony or patio. Summer is the time for outdoor entertaining and if you want to upgrade your outdoor entertaining space, using LED or string lights can be a cost-effective way to transform it into something quite extraordinary. Whether you wind your lights around your patio railings, posts or around the door, it’s up to you. As a result, you’ll have a beautiful setting for an end-of-year party or any other festive season arrangements you may have.
  • Enhancing picture frames on the wall. Are you looking for an inexpensive yet highly effective way to decorate your home’s interior? Why not invest in some LED or string lights? These can be wound around your favourite pictures or photo frames for a creative and elegant interior decorating trick. 
  • Twined around plants. If you have indoor (or even outdoor) plants in pots, a great way to decorate with LED or string lights is to wind them around the branches and the stem. It’s an excellent alternative to having a side lamp on and will definitely be a conversation starter when you have guests over to your home. 
  • As an elegant table decoration. The festive season calls for families and friends coming together around the table for parties and celebrations. If you will be hosting a get-together in your home, using LED or string lights as a table decoration will be sure to wow your guests and impress them with your interior decorating style. 


However you choose to decorate with LED or string lights, there will always be plenty available at Brite Lighting & Electrical. 

If you are looking for some festive season gifting ideas, we have everything you need. Apart from LED and string lights, we also have some highly-coveted lighting and electrical gifts for the whole family. 

Brite Lighting’s festive gifting options

Over and above our decorative lighting, we have many other options for amazing gifts for this festive season.

Read our article: 5 Inspired Lighting & Electrical Gifts For Your Loved Ones, which include our top gift suggestions:

  1. The Rainbow Lava Lamp
  2. Colour Changing Wireless Charging Lamp
  3. Fully Loaded Electrical Tool Backpack
  4. Magneto Night Explorer Head Lamp
  5. Colour Changing Smart LED Bulbs

At Brite Lighting we stock a range of amazing electrical products and even backup power solutions. Come visit our Benoni store, or shop online for an electrictrified shopping experience.