The weather in South Africa can be quite unpredictable, no matter the season. It can quickly morph from a rainy, overcast day to a scorching sunny one in a matter of hours. The most used devices to tackle the weather conditions during seasonal change within homes and offices are heaters, fans and cooling systems. As South Africa transitions into Summer, the demand for proper and effective cooling systems and devices increases.

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Here we will focus on the top 5 fan options for your home or office this summer.

  1. Rechargeable LED Fan 

This innovative product was designed in such a way that it can be operated with a battery or a direct power supply. Rechargeable fans are available as desk fans, wall fans and even as ceiling fans.

The built-in battery of a rechargeable fan is designed to ensure a longer duration of runtime for the fan, depending on the size of the fan.

When purchasing a rechargeable fan, it is essential to keep in mind the size of the fan needed, the power sources as well as the battery capacity of the fan.

Not many fans in the market are designed to cater for people with various medical conditions. Many rechargeable fans (depending on the design and make) offer a selection of air-flow speed options.

One of the biggest benefits of a rechargeable led fan is that these fans can run during power outages – so you can enjoy nonstop cooling even during load shedding

The Eurolux F6 Rechargeable fan is portable and has an LED Lantern making it perfect for indoor use in the home. The fan is also an ideal size which makes it suitable to place on a desk when working and at a lightweight of 2.5KG, it is the perfect camping buddy. Shop it now.

  1. Retractable Ceiling Fan 

If an air-conditioning system is a bit out of your budget, then get the next best air-cooling option, a Retractable Ceiling Fan. These smartly designed fans not only add aesthetics to a room, but you can also enjoy reduced electrical bills and still enjoy the benefits of this advanced cooling option.

Many property owners are opting for this effective cooling option for its stylish and affordable benefits. The Retractable Ceiling Fan operates by expanding its blades when on and effectively circulating the air within a room. Once switched off, the blades retract back into the fan – practically hidden. Due to this, the blades of the fan are protected against dust making it easier to clean up and a much healthier option for people more prone to sinuses and dust allergies.

Retractable Ceiling Fans can be used indoors and outdoors. They are excellent to make use of outdoors as it helps reduce the temperature so you and your family can enjoy cool outdoor lunches and dinners. This incredible cooling option is also available with great lighting options (depending on design) and provides ambient lighting to an area.

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  1. Space Saver Ceiling Fan

The Space Saver Ceiling Fan is a compact designed fan, much smaller than the average fan in the market. This fan is the perfect fit for low ceiling rooms and areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms, or kids rooms.

This elegant fan comes with a remote to which you can select one of the 3 speeds options available. The fan is also fitted with a LED light with an option to change the colour temperature to either a cool white or warm white lighting option. The noise levels of the fan are normally minimum due to the sizing of the fan.

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  1. Classic 3 In 1 Fan

Why have just one fan option when you can easily adjust and adapt a 3-in-1 fan to the exact cooling option you want for a specific room? This easily adjustable fan can be used as a pedestal fan, wall mounted fan or desk fan.

These fans are normally compact and lighter, depending on the battery capacity, which makes it easier to move around and mount. This cooling option is perfect for households and can efficiently be used indoors and outdoors and in any room of a property. As with any fan, the noise output on this fan will highly depend on the size of the fan as well as the power capacity of the fan.

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  1. Industrial High-Power Fan

These powerful fans are the perfect cooling options for commercial properties and warehouses. Within a facility, the industrial high-power fan is used to maintain consistency in moisture and temperature levels. There are various types of Industrial High-Power Fans available depending on the size, design, and application of the fan.

The primary purpose of an industrial fan is to drive the hot air in an area, out, and produce cooler air. This cooling option produces high air pressure and is perfect for those looking to reduce overall operational costs but still maintain a high level of cooling within the property. Better airflow is much healthier for the workplace and those within it. Another advantage of having industrial fans within the workspace is that you benefit from lower energy costs with few larger scaled fans rather than numerous smaller fans.

Noise levels with industrial fans may be louder than the average fan simply due to the size of the fan and the power of the fan, but it depends on the type of fan purchased. These incredible fans are built for heavy-duty applications and to withstand continuous use.

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Now with the knowledge of the top 5 fan options for your household or business property, you can effectively select the best cooling option for you, to combat the summer heat with. With these incredible options, you can now style up the areas within your property, keep cool through the heat and save on electrical bills whiles doing so.

Brite Lighting & Electrical is your one-stop-shop for all your lighting, cooling and electrical needs!