For over a century, turning on the lights has meant finding and flipping the wall-mounted light switch to turn on an incandescent bulb which consumes an enormous amount of energy. But with the advancement and popularity of technology, the conventional method of lighting any space is beginning to change.

New trends have emerged, and we’ve simplified it for you into three simple solutions which you can implement right now.

1. Smart Lighting for a Smarter Home

Smart lighting has become an excellent addition in a home or business. And it provides a sense of ease that no other lighting system has ever offered.

In addition to being easily managed and maintained, smart lighting solutions come with the most durable lights. And the best thing about having these lights is that they are designed to be in tune with a completely customizable system that allows you to turn your business or home into an interconnected hub of appliances and gadgets — simplifying your life to a greater degree!   

One may think that if technology is providing us so much, then it must be highly energy-consuming, but to everyone’s surprise and delight, smart lighting is highly energy efficient. Be it a smart bulb in your living room or an LED light under your kitchens’ cabinet, smart lighting in your home helps save energy, consequently cutting your electricity cost.

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2. Solar Lighting is Both Functional and Stylish

Solar lighting is reaching a mainstream tipping point, and for good reasons. This type of lighting is affordable, eco-friendly, effective, and sustainable; opt for a solar-powered lighting system once, and you will never go back to the standard lights.

There are many benefits that can be achieved with the use of solar lighting.


The ever-deteriorating environmental conditions have led us to the point where the need for green energy has become more than a luxury. With fossil fuels burning and emitting toxic smoke in the environment, solar power is the ideal eco-friendly solution to play the role of a saviour to protect us from this crisis.

Power Saving:

The combination of a battery and solar panel powers up a solar light. This removes the need to rely on Eskom for lighting and the result is a reduction in the electricity bill saving you money while keeping the lights on even when there is loadshedding.


With a solar light, you get a lifetime probability of 10000 hours; providing your home with illumination for a longer time than standard bulbs.

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3. Carbon Filament Edison Bulbs make a Statement

Whether it’s with weathered wood, rustic metal accents, or exposed bricks, designers continue to embrace interiors inspired by the industrial style.

Carbon filament bulbs have become a popular choice for any interior designer when designing spaces. Unlike standard bulbs and LEDs, carbon filament bulbs make an impression because they are both artistic and functional at the same time. Filament bulbs serve as the central focus point of a lighting design or fixture.

Filament bulbs bring a warm cosy ambience to any room and inspires a modern vintage feel. These filaments come in a variety of shapes and sizes, in both LED and carbon variations.

Use it anywhere from your indoor areas, including the dining room, kitchen, cafe, basement, restaurant, library, bedroom, etc., to your outdoor deck or patio. Although it looks simple, it put forward a feeling of grandeur in any space where you install it, making you fall in love with your house even more.

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 We can now conclude that between technology, sustainability, and energy efficiency, smart lighting, solar lights and filament bulbs are an excellent choice to update your home or business office with, with confidence. Not only are these sustainable and money-saving options, but with a range of styles available for all different tastes, they are guaranteed to give any space a modern touch.

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