The evolution of the internet into buying and selling has transformed the way we to do business and opened new opportunities to service a wider market. Everything is changing so rapidly; E-business technology has changed how business used to be, including the lighting business. It has helped improve communications between buyer and seller, with instant access to product information and made the overall customer experience more efficient. Buyers are well equipped with knowledge on the latest developments and know what they want and what price they are prepared to pay.

Brite Lighting & Electrical, now an omni-channel wholesale business has taken the initiative of creating an online buying platform to embrace the growth in e-commerce in South Africa. As a lighting and electrical wholesaler servicing contractors and the general public, we have kept the buying process effortless, we have made our website interface simple and full yet full of useful product and pricing information and stock availability.

Along with various lighting options, you will also receive news and updates on our website regarding new products and advancements in technology. Today we introduce you to some of our products with the latest technology and lighting options to help you make a more informed decision when it comes to buying what you need.

Controlling My Lights with The Tap of a Button – Smart Lighting

Our modern lifestyle has changed the way we use technology, including our lighting solutions. It feels like, with every passing day, we want to control things without the touch of a button or click of a finger. There are a few reasons one wants to turn on or off the lights without really hitting the button. You might want help waking up by turning the lights on with your morning alarm, or you may not feel like getting up to switch the lighting off before going to bed; you could be worried about home security and want to turn on the lights to inspect if someone is home. There is a myriad of reasons why you want to turn on the lights without touching them. See the latest technology ranges available on our website. Just browse or buy at your convenience 24/7.

Smart light bulbs available on our website allow for fitting into any kind of light fixture, just like your regular light bulb. Their built-in lighting program enables you to set the perfect mood, from providing "focus lighting" to "relaxing lighting," which makes them different from regular bulbs. By using a free lighting bulb app on your tablet or smartphone, you can change the brightness and colour, set up a schedule, or simply turn them on and off. You can use these bulbs anywhere in your home, and there are also outdoor options.

Install the LED smart light bulbs in your home to be in control of your lights using just a phone: change the colour of the bulbs, dim the lights or turn them on and off with a tap on your phone's screen.

High Tech 40W Led Solar Flood Light with Remote Control 

Whether you're in the mood to have a walk with your dog at night, you've heard a loud noise and wondering what the cause is, or you're just waiting up for someone to get home at night, our solar flood lights with remote controls come really handy in all these and other situations. Along with being environmentally friendly, our solar flood lights are practical.

Conventional floodlights have been used for so long, helping us in many ways. But there are some obvious downsides to using them. On the other hand, our solar flood light technology has helped in mitigating some of those disadvantages. Let's look into details; what benefits do you get from having these solar flood lights with remote controls in your home.

Solar Lights conserve energy and are cost-efficient

Compared to conventional floodlights, which consume a lot of energy, the solar flood lights with remote control help save electricity and help cut the bills. These lights provide the same amount of brightness but at a much lower price.

Solar Lights have a longer lifespan

These solar flood lights last so much longer than the traditional lights, thus saving us from the effort of going out and buying replacements. These LED solar flood lights also do not produce heat which happens with regular bulbs, causing a reduction in the lights' lifespan.

Solar Lights help boost business at night, safety first for visitors and guests:
By using LED solar floodlights, you can boost the level of safety for the clients by flooding the area with light. A well-lit space welcomes people to an area and helps them feel safe to visit.

It's showtime...Brite Lighting and Electrical e-commerce platform live now

We at Brite lighting & Electrical are so happy to announce that our new website with its efficient e-commerce buying platform is now live to help our clients choose the best. You'll be able to buy all kinds of lighting and electrical solutions for your home and business from our website with the ease of a click. On the left side of the home page, we have categorized all our products by names; by clicking one option, you get another extended list of our cutting-edge products. We have also made a catalogue page on which you'll find products with their images and prices for you to make a better decision. There's also a section of the Latest News to keep you updated with the latest trends in interior lighting designs and technology.


Visit our website today for all your electrical components and to check the amazing range of smart lighting to illuminate your home with style!