Sustainable lighting is one of those home industry segments that has enjoyed a massive boom in the last decade because of technological advancements.

The proliferation of affordable and sustainable technology solutions and design elements in our lives has changed the way we set the lighting design of our homes.

Though early embracers of this Technology may associate it with the poor gaudiness of their old models, today's fixtures and designs are stunning and attractive.

Stay On-Trend with Brite's Top 10

Whether you're just adding a few extra floor lamps to create an ambiance or updating the complete lighting design, changing up the lighting fixtures in your home can instantly elevate the style of your space.

At Brite Lighting, we always try to keep ourselves updated with the modern and sustainable advancements in lighting.

Below we have created a list of our top 10 lighting trends for you to look out for. Consider adding some of these lighting fixtures if you want to give an instant lift and a contemporary feel to your home.

TREND 1. Vintage Style Retro Industrial Lighting:

The first on our list is vintage-style retro industrial lighting. Maybe it's not a name that pops up in your mind when you're in the process of home decoration, but the importance of this lighting can't be undermined.

Nowadays, industrial lighting, either in the form of a pendant or track lighting, is an essential part of interior design. At Brite Lighting, you can have them in a range of styles with different colours and finishes.

Industrial style lighting looks great in any form of the shabby chic interior, with thick rugs and wooden furniture. By simply adding a single pendant light in the center of a living room, you can achieve a more vintage-looking space.

TREND 2. Bold Statement Ceiling Features:


Looking for a way to add an enchanting detail to the interior design of your home? Incorporate a bold statement simply by hanging chandelier or cluster pendant downlights in the center of your ceiling.

The timeless beauty of these lighting fixtures is why these are trending in 2021. A charming chandelier with its delicate branches and clusters of pendant downlights provides class, sophistication, and elegance to space.

In addition to incorporating bold statements, these lightings are a great alternative to artwork and fill a room instantly with style.

TREND 3. Matte Black Is The New Black:


Lighting is the most important thing in creating a cohesive look; and what better colour and finish than matte black to achieve this. Matte black lighting fixtures are becoming a huge trend, and we can see them everywhere.

At Brite Lighting, we have a range of classic and edgy lighting in matte black; no matter if you have a farmhouse-style space or industrial home, matte black lighting takes it to the next level.

The best thing about having matte black lighting fixtures is that you can mix them with almost all other colours to give depth and perspective to space.

TREND 4. Brass to Bring Grandeur


Extremely popular finish in all other aspects of a homes' interior, brass also looks amazing in lighting fixtures. Lighting in brass is an excellent way to add a touch of grandeur and luxury to your home.

As a more entrancing alternative to the usual silver or gold, brass adds warmth and comfort to your space - while perfectly complementing Scandinavian or Empire style.

TREND 5. Floor and Table Lamps:


Table and floor lamps at Brite Lighting, with their beautiful and bold designs, illuminate a space and help achieve the purpose of art pieces in your home.  

Use a pair of table lamps to accentuate a console table or a sideboard; breathe new life into your home by strategically placing a few floor lamps in the corners of your house.

And add some beautiful mushroom-shaped lamps to show your creative side. There's a myriad of styles available, from sustainable LEDs to colourful patterns and even lamps with neon lighting to show your funky side.

Looking for ways to improve your productivity? Design your home office table with a few elegant lamps. Want to create a snuggly nook?

Put a floor lamp next to an armchair or couch to create a perfect corner for yourself; there's no limit when it comes to including lamps in the interior design of your home. 

TREND 6. Geometric Shaped Fixtures:

Want a lighting fixture that looks great from every angle? Look no further; next in Brite's list of top ten is geometric lights to add an eclectic style to your space.

Geometric lighting is especially famous in designer circles as these are great to add a touch of modernity to your home.

Strong shapes like squares and balls with symmetric ring light add structure to space — while circles and ovals help soften the look with a contemporary edge.

Geometric lighting in materials like nickel or glass makes the home appear tropical. And in a more industrial material like metal, this lighting brings a more modern look.

TREND 7. Natural Textured Lighting Fixtures:

Whether you're an admirer of bohemian style or you're looking to bring new touches of the natural world into your home, straw, bamboo, rattan, and other natural materials rarely disappoint.

These materials have been a part of home interior for ages, but they have recently made their way into the home in a more creative form: lighting.

Lighting fixtures made with natural materials provide an easy way to add texture and architectural interest to your home.

These are perfect for adding some dramatic flair to even the smallest corners of a home. Having them in space draws the eye up and makes the room feel spacious and intimate at the same time.

Lighting fixtures like pendant lights made with any of these natural materials blend seamlessly with space's décor. The neutral tones of these materials maintain a harmonious colour story and add textural interest to an otherwise muted space.

TREND 8. Bling With Crystal LED Lamps and Chandeliers


Glamorous lighting fixtures like modern crystal LED lamps and chandeliers have always been on trend to incorporate opulence and elegance.

Grace the grand hotel entrance with a big beautiful chandelier or illuminate its event hall with the crystal LED lamps; these are perfect for bringing modern-day luxury to your space.

You can also bring some bling to your residential homes by adding this extravagant style of lighting. Create an air of glamour and romance in the home while making it look more beautiful with just these small additions.  

TREND 9. Smart Lighting Home Devices:


It's no surprise that with each passing year, improved and more advanced Technology is emerging into the world of lighting design.

Next on Brite's list of top ten is smart lighting: with its introduction in the interiors, people get the power to control how their space functions, feels, and looks.

Lighting control products from Brite Lighting can be integrated with layers of light to create your desired scenes. With the convenience that smart lighting has to offer, one can assume that it's a trend that's going to stay.

TREND 10. Sustainable Lighting:


When it comes to energy consumption, bare bulbs, smart bulbs, candle bulbs, and vintage cone-shaped bulbs with LEDs reigning supreme - the second most environmentally beneficial characteristic of these bulbs is their incredibly long life span.

Smart lighting is revolutionizing how people conserve energy, control lighting, and improve security with voice commands.  All these features make this lighting a sustainable, energy-saving option that cuts the cost of electricity, along with reducing your carbon footprint.

Curious to see how the above Brite's top 10 trends can enhance your space? Get in touch with our team today at Brite Lighting. With over a decade of experience in the home and commercial lighting industry, we have the knowledge and expertise required to help you achieve an affordable and timely lighting solution.