Load shedding and power outages are a common phenomenon in South Africa but thankfully there are many ways to ensure that you don’t get left out in the dark. Since South Africa has plenty of year-round sunshine, why not harness the sun’s natural light to power your lighting? 

Solar-powered lights charge up during the day when the sun shines, and then automatically begin working at night when conditions are dark.

Here at Brite Lighting, we have a wide range of high-quality solar lighting solutions

Solar Flood Lights

Powered by the sun, solar flood lights don’t require an electricity connection to work. Flood lights are vital for any South African property as they are an excellent crime deterrent, and will work during load shedding and power outages. 

Outdoor solar lights, including flood lights, can be installed wherever you need them the most. 

Solar Wall Lights

Solar wall lights are permanent fixtures that work on built-in solar panels. It’s a good idea to install them in an area where they can get plenty of sunshine as this will ensure that they work optimally. 

A great benefit of these solar lights is that they will come on automatically as soon as the sun goes down, and will then switch off when the sun comes up again. 

If you are looking for a high-quality but affordable solar wall light solution for your home or commercial property, take a look at Brite Lighting’s great range. 

Solar Garden Lights

Installing solar garden lights can create a beautiful atmosphere in your garden, but it is also a fantastic security feature. 

Brite Lighting’s solar garden lights can be installed anywhere you like (just ensure that the place you choose gets enough daily sunlight). Many of our customers like to line their driveways or garden paths with solar garden lights, which can bring added safety when you arrive home late at night. 

Check out our range of garden solar lights and pick some that will enhance your garden! 

Solar Street Lights

While your local municipality provides street lights, they might not work during a power outage. Also, if you live in an estate or complex, you might not be happy with the current street lighting setup.

Having well-functioning solar street lights is also essential if you like to arrive home at night and have a clear view of your surroundings. 

In such cases, you might want to install your own solar street lights, which can make a huge difference. Take a look at Brite Lighting’s range to inspire you! 

Portable Emergency Solar Lights

If you’re on a budget and don’t have the funds to splash out on a wide range of solar lights for your house during load shedding, no problem! Using portable emergency solar lights could be an excellent solution for you, as you can move your light wherever it’s needed. 

They can also function as torches when camping, fishing, or when the power goes out, and eliminate the need for always having to keep a spare set of batteries around the house. 

Solar Ceiling Lights

If you have a room that eats plenty of sunshine, you might consider using a solar ceiling light. You would be amazed at the difference using a solar light instead of an electricity one can make to your power bill over a year! 

Take a look at our solar ceiling lights

Solar String Lights

Solar string or fairy lights can create a fantastic ambience to your home or patio. Whether you want to use them indoors or as an outdoor solar light, there are plenty of ways to use them, including:

  • Winding them around patio railings
  • Winding them around staircases
  • Placing them over wall paintings or photos
  • And so much more!

Solar Fence Or Door Lock Lights

One of the main solar light benefits is that they will continue to work during a power outage. If you are looking for a lighting solution for your fence, wall or door lock, a solar fence or door lock light is a wonderful solution. 

Allowing you to see where you are going in a dark area can help you get out of a scary situation. To find your fence or door lock lighting solution, check out our range! 

Solar Lanterns

Solar lanterns offer an easy-to-carry portable light source for your indoor or outdoor space. Here are some ideas on how to use them: 

  • Table centerpiece in place of candles
  • Coffee table lighting solution
  • Patio light 
  • Staircase landing illuminator

If you are interested in upgrading your home’s interior and ensuring that you have beautiful lighting, consider a solar lantern from Brite Lighting! 

Solar Rechargeable LED Insect Killers

Sitting out on your verandah is a lovely way to spend a summer’s evening but insects can spoil the experience. Brite Lighting’s solar rechargeable LED insect killers can eliminate this problem and will work even when there is load shedding. 

Before summer arrives, you should definitely invest in one of these clever gadgets! 

Solar Security Lights

Security lights are some of our most popular solar lights. Unfortunately, criminals often target homes and commercial properties when there is a power outage because of the lack of lighting. 

Don’t allow yourself to become a victim, and invest in some solar security lights for your home or business to safeguard your loved ones and possessions. 

Over and above assisting with Load Shedding, solar lights greatly assist with the reduction of electricity consumption in a home or commercial property. There are many cost effective permanent or portable solar power lighting solutions available. They are also quite durable and last a substantial amount of time.

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