Don't be left in the dark. Find a wide range of loadshedding products for sale at Brite. We offer everything from emergency lights to flashlights, inverters, solar lights and so much more! View our stock range. Available in-store and online. Nationwide delivery.

Mecer Axpert Inverter 5600W
R 15,999.95
Magneto Rechargeable LED Lantern
R 269.95 R 299.95
Magneto LED Solar Rechargeable Light
R 169.95 R 199.95
Multifunctional Micro UPS
R 699.95
19W Portable Mobile Solar Generator
R 549.95
MCE 1000 Watt 12V Pure Sine Inverter
R 2,800.00
5W LED Rechargeable Emergency Light
R 99.95
Jaguar 24V 1440W Inverter
R 3,899.95
23W Portable Solar Kit
R 550.00
Growatt 5KW 48V 5000ES Inverter
R 13,549.95 R 13,999.95
Jaguar Power Trolley 24V 1600 Watt
R 5,999.95
5W LED Solar Recharge Emergency Light
R 124.95
BSL Lithium Rack Battery 48V 5.1KWH
R 33,999.95
Emergency LED Bulb 3W GU10 Warm White
R 74.95 R 100.00
Emergency LED Bulb 5W B22 Cool White
R 99.95 R 119.95
Jaguar Power Trolley 12V 900 Watt
R 5,049.95 R 8,000.00
Led Solar Garden Lantern
R 349.95
Led Solar Garden Opal Ball Light
R 449.95